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Dear Denture Professional:

If you have exceptional expertise in providing denture care and you have a denture laboratory within your practice, it is our desire to help denture wearers to become familiar with your practice. Denture professionals who own their practices, for the most part, are more capable to assist their patients' personalized denture needs than employed denture chain providers. They also have much more training and experience in providing denture care. If you can provide your patients with better quality and at the same time provide a savings to them through making them directly in your laboratory, we would like to add your practice to our nationwide directory.

Franchises and corporate dental chain stores have access to three-times your advertising budget. It is our commitment to continually advance the marketing advantage of qualified independent denture providers. We also have a host of other advantages that will aid our listed denture providers in maintaining a competitive edge over the corporate chain practices. Corporate chain practices share most of their profits with shareholders, managers, and corporate executive staff. After promoting their practices through large-budget advertising media, their remaining funds are too scanty to employ qualified staff.

Many deficiencies exist among corporate dental chain stores. On the other hand, thousands of independent denture providers across the country are continuously providing successful denture solutions for denture wearers across the country, and have remedied denture problems for millions. It is important that centers like yours be listed in so that the majority of denture wearers can easily find you. DenturesDirect is the fastest growing denture center directory in the U.S. Searching by means of Internet is fast becoming the primary means of consumer awareness. We are sure that the modest fee that we charge to become a listed member will give you much more return for your advertising dollar than newspapers, television, radio or telephone directory. Thank you for your interest.

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