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We are not a chain but thousands of denture practices that are individually owned and operated by experienced practitioners who directly manufacture your dentures. Patronizing these practices directly, will not only $ave you up to 50% but will give you the highest quality.

DenturesDirect represents local practices that are individually owned by the expert who actually makes your dentures, unlike dental and denture franchise and chain stores. Independent providers have better quality control and incentive to satisfy your personalized needs, whereas, denture chain stores are primarily absorbed in meeting corporate quotas.

As you explore our website, you will find that, different from others, DenturesDirect is specifically designed for informed denture wearers who are interested in finding the denture provider that can best meet their expectations.


I was tired of seeing a different staff member each time I went back, only to be dissatisfied. Now, I enjoy dentures that were made by a DenturesDirect,owner/specialist, and with great results - I feel like a new person.

C.L., Harrisburg, PA

I want to thank DenturesDirect for helping me to find the right specialist. Previously, I have gotten dentures from three different dentists and still couldn't eat. Thanks to you, I can eat apples, I can eat corn on the cob, I can even chew nuts.

E.G., Billings, MT

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Atlanta GA, Baltimore MD, Boston MA, Chicago IL, Columbus OH, Dallas Tx, Detroit MI, Los Angeles CA,
Miami FL, New York NY, Orlando FL, Philadelphia PA, Phoenix AZ, San Francisco CA, Seattle WA, Toledo OH.

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